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Casserole Pot
    RRP £99.99
Now £74.99
Frying Pan
    RRP £74.99
Now £56.24
Griddle Pan
    RRP £129.99
Now £117.00
Roaster With Lid
    RRP £129.99
Now £97.49
Roasting Pan - 2 Handles
    RRP £124.99
Now £62.49
    RRP £84.99
Now £63.74
Saute Pan
    RRP £84.99
Now £63.74
Saute Pan - 2 Handles
    RRP £94.99
Now £71.24
Wok Pan
    RRP £169.99
Now £127.49
Gastrolux Pan of The Month

2 Handle Roasting Pan
Suitable for all hobs including: Gas, Halogen, Ceramic, Electric, Aga & Induction

Normally £124.99 - Now £62.49
You save £62.49 that's 50% off!

Gastrolux 2 handle Roasting Pan with unique Biotan non-stick ceramic coating, designed for Healthy fat free cooking – Ideal for vegetables, meat, poultry and fish.

Gastrolux induction sauté pan of the month

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NOVELLI ACADEMY & GASTROLUX - Michelin Star Chef, Jean Christophe Novelli

Gastrolux have supported the Novelli Academy with the highest quality non-stick cookware including induction pans. A Swiss company producing their stock in Denmark, they have very little competition at this level of quality. Visit Site


No need to use fat or oil.  Good for your health, good for your heart. If you are interested in seeing the results of authentic Chinese cooking using Gastrolux Cookware.

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Gastrolux Wok
Our product is PFOA and PFOS free. It complies with the strict regulations of the governance of Risk Assessment in Germany and the Environment Protection Agency of the United States.