The Factory
"Welcome" from the Team at Gastrolux – Denmark
We invite you to try our "World Class" cookware, produced in Denmark by us, as part of a team of dedicated professionals.
The cookware that you see before you today is a result of over 35 years of craftsmanship, innovation, research and development, resulting in what many professional and home chefs regard today as "The Best Non-Stick Cookware" you can buy, for the perfect Dining experience.

Our Philosophy
We are absolutely clear and upfront in our philosophy that as with most things in life, you get what you pay for and when you buy "cheap pans", you buy "twice” and possibly more often!
With Gastrolux cookware you can be assured that:
• We start with the best re-cycled raw materials.
• Production is a combination of state of the art high tech and meticulous hand finishing.
• By a dedicated team working in the best conditions
All of which is reflected in the competitive price of our cookware.
This is why even though we are a dedicated family business, Gastrolux cookware is sold in over 25 countries worldwide and our reputation continues to grow by recommendation.

Our Passion
We know that cooking and dining is always combined with a lot of emotion and feeling; it is our aim to support that emotion and feeling by providing you with the world’s best cookware which combines ergonomic functionality, with beautiful classic design, resulting in a healthy and delicious dining experience.