Kitchen Flower - Prevents Boiling Over

Product code: KF17024-I

Product information

All Silicone Kitchen Flower (Put a stop to Boil Over)

No more messy "Boil Over" with the "Kitchen Flower", saving you precious clean up time energy and money.

Now you can avoid buying expensive cleaning products to remove baked on boiled over liquids from your stove top.

Simply place the "Kitchen Flower" over your pot or pan allowing a 2cm overhang around the rim of your pan.

When a "boil over" occurs the foaming liquid will pass gently through the "patented" specially designed "pressure release petals" and be contained within the "Kitchen Flower".

Suitable for pans with 14cm -26cm diameter with a flat rim (not suitable for pots or pans with a pouring spout in the rim)

Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, oven safe to 230C, easy to clean, can be used as a splash cover, or to steam vegetables.

The Kitchen Flower is so easy and simple to use, you will be amazed.

Technical specifications

Condition New
Product Code KF17024-I
Weight 0.1kg