Care & Maintenance Instructions for “Biotan”, Non-Stick Cookware.

Please read carefully as failure to comply with Care & Maintenance instructions may invalidate your warranty. For clarification on any of the Care & Maintenance instructions, please contact Gastrolux UK Ltd. Full details can be found on the Contact Us page.
Before First Use of Your Cookware
Remove the plastic fixations on the rim and the protective film from the base of your cookware. Clean your item with warm water, mixed with a little detergent and dry well.
Cooking Cutlery & Utensils
To maintain the function of the unique Gastrolux “Biotan” non-stick surface, do not use metal utensils, or any other sharp edged instrument which will cause damage. However, if the surface should receive a scratch it will not affect the non-stick properties of your cookware.
We recommend that you use our hygienic, heat resistant silicone kitchen tools to help maintain the non-stick “Biotan” surface function.
Fixed Handle & Lid Knobs
Fixed handles and lid knobs on all Gastrolux pots and pans are oven proof to 260°c. When removing lids or cookware from the oven, please be sure to use heatproof material.
Special Information for Detachable Handle
Our designer detachable handles are not ovenproof and must not be used in the oven.
Counter Handle
If your pan has a counter handle, to touch it whilst hot, please be sure to use heatproof material.
Cleaning Instructions
After every use, it is recommended that you manually clean your pan with warm water and 'mild detergent'. If you “scorch” something onto your pan use a scotch-brite sponge to remove the material. Gastrolux Cookware is 'Dishwasher Safe' but, please note that over time, the harsh salts and chemicals of the cleaning product may affect the appearance and performance of the pan. Therefore, to protect your investment and long term appearance and performance of your pan, we recommend that you clean your Gastrolux pan by hand. It is so easy.
Energy Sources
Gastrolux non-induction cookware is suitable for the following cooking surfaces - gas, electric, glass ceramic and halogen. Gastrolux induction cookware can also be used on all the above cooking surfaces. Please note: Never leave your cookware on an active cooking surface empty, or unattended.
Maximising Energy Efficieny
To minimise energy use, ensure that your energy source for example: Hot plate or gas ring, is the same diameter as the bottom of your pan. Please note: Using a lid can reduce loss of energy by up to a third. Gastrolux excellent heat retention properties enable you to reduce your heat from high to medium or low to finish the cooking process, thereby saving energy.
Special Instructions for Glass Ceramic, Halogen and Induction Hobs
Before using, ensure your ceramic, halogen or induction hob is clear of food residue, between the hob and base of your cookware. Any small particles of salt, ground pepper, sugar, etc. can cause scratches to the ceramic, halogen or induction hob surface and the base of your cookware. Never slide your cookware back and forth, always lift your cookware to where you would like to place it. Always ensure that your pan base is of similar diameter in relation to the diameter of your cooking source.
Induction Example
Stove top diameter 15cm, then active bottom of induction pan 14.5cm - Stove top diameter 18cm, then active bottom of induction pan 17.5cm - Stove top diameter 22cm, then active bottom of induction pan 21.5cm
Special Instructions for Shallow or Deep Frying
Please ensure that you are frying within the heat tolerance of the oil or fat you are using. Failure to do so could result in “burning” the oil or fat, a consequence of which is the release of “Bitumen Resin”. This resin cannot be removed and will reduce the non-stick properties of the “Biotan” coating, thereby invalidating warranty claims in this respect.