Gastrolux UK Ltd - Warranty

10 year guarantee against distortion of the body and base of your cookware.
30 Day money back guarantee.
10 Year guarantee on pan handles, side handles & lid knobs (excluding glass lid damage).
3 Year Standard guarantee on Biotan non-stick coating.
This Warranty is valid from the date of purchase.
This Warranty applies only to Gastrolux cookware which is purchased in the United Kingdom from an authorised retailer or distributor.
This Warranty covers only registered Gastrolux cookware items.
The Registration Postcard, supplied at point of purchase of your cookware, must be dated and completed to include the purchaser's contact details and the unique serial numbers of the Gastrolux cookware; the unique serial number is stamped into the base of every Gastrolux cookware item. The registration must also include the official stamp and or full details of the supplying retailer or ditributor.
The Registration Postcard must be returned to Gastrolux UK Ltd within 30 days of purchase.
Gastrolux products bought at auction or from private persons including Ebay or similar websites are not covered by this Warranty.
Gastrolux UK Ltd (the distributor) will repair or replace to the original purchaser, any item found to be defective.
The decision whether an item is considered defective under warranty rests solely with Gastrolux UK Ltd (the distributor).
If an item is no longer available, it will be replaced with an item of similar function and value.
The Gastrolux warranty is NOT a money back guarantee.
Accidental and consequential damage to Gastrolux products are excluded from this Warranty.
The Gastrolux “Biotan” non-stick coating is guaranteed not to peel, blister, crack or deteriorate over time, subject to compliance with our Care & Maintenance instructions.
This Warranty does not cover damage or destruction caused by abuse, accident, overheating, alteration or commercial use.
This warranty does not cover stains, scuff marks, dents or scratch marks caused by metal utensils. However, scratch marks will not affect the “non-stick” properties of Gastrolux cookware.
Glass lids are not covered by this Warranty.
Gastrolux cookware that has lost its ‘non-stick’ properties due to black, burnt or baked on food residue caused by failure to follow our Care & Maintenance instructions will not be covered under this Warranty.